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Payments are safeguarded under the control of an independent entity until such time as your Prepaid funeral service is required.

Melbourne prepaid funerals are in a prepaid funeral plan and are invested with an independently managed funeral fund called "Funeral Plan Management" and money is only released once the contracted funeral service is completed.

FuneralPlan Prepaid funerals is a funeral benefit fund designed to securely hold your prepaid funerals contract payments until your funeral service is required. FuneralPlan Prepaid funerals is a capital guaranteed funeral benefit fund managed by specialist fund manager Lifeplan, part of Australian Unity Ltd, a mutual company with a 175 year history.

Why use Melbourne prepaid funerals?

Templeton Prepaid funerals Melbourne are designed to reflect your wishes. Just some of the options to consider include: type and style of funeral ceremony, burial or cremation, coffin or casket, celebrant or clergy, music or photo presentation. When a pre-paid funeral is arranged, it means the price of the funeral is locked in at today’s price, giving you peace of mind, relieving your family and friends of making stressful decisions at a time of upset and confusion.

Templeton prepaid funerals Melbourne

When you organise a prepaid funeral with Templeton Family Funerals Melbourne, you will have peace of mind in knowing that he final arrangements and the money has been organised and set aside. You will also feel comfort in the knowledge that you have left a caring gift for those you leave behind. Templeton Family Prepaid Funerals Melbourne are an all lady funeral service, so we can organise a prepaid lady funeral.

Templeton Family funeral directors Melbourne pre paid funerals, organising caring and peace of mind funerals with Melbourne prepaid Funerals 9706 9555.

What is a Prepaid Funeral?

Prepaid funerals are a funeral that is paid in advance; it allows you to choose the style and type of funeral service you would like, for example you may wish for an all prepaid lady funeral. This can be payed for in a lump sum or you can pay by instalments through direct debit. Pay at today’s prices, organise the way you want your prepaid funeral to be and protect yourself from the rising cost of funeral services in the future.

What is a Funeral Bond?

A Funeral Bond is a specialised investment with the specific purpose of meeting your future funeral expenses without pre-planning the type of funeral service. The funeral bond is invested in a capital guaranteed funeral benefit fund and managed by FuneralPlan Management, if you would like to convert your funeral bond into a full pre-paid funeral plan, please speak with a funeral director at Templeton Family Funerals.

Why Prepaid Funerals

Unlike insurance where you pay regular premiums that can increase in price as you get older, your tailored funeral service is paid at today’s prices. A funeral director will sit down with you and discuss all funeral arrangements, these are placed in a pre-paid contract and when the time comes are fulfilled. You can pre-pay your funeral in installments or pay in one lump sum. The funds for your prepaid funeral will be released to your funeral director only when the funeral service has taken place.

Can I plan my funeral without pre-paying?

Yes, you can pre-arrange all your funeral wishes without paying any money until the time comes. Our funeral specialist will discuss all your funeral wishes; you can choose your venue, coffin, flowers etc.  And all will be recorded in a contract and filed away for when the time comes.

Pre-arranging your funeral in advance does give peace of mind that your wishes have been recorded and you know your family will not have to pick and choose all the finer details. As no money is paid, one negative is as prices go up, so will your funeral agreement costs.

If you would like to only pay at today’s prices then a pre-paid funeral plan would be best.

Prepaid Funerals Melbourne - "Your Way"